Hectronic India - Fuel Management Systems

Hectronic India offers a complete range of products and services in the fuelling/refuelling market segments. With over 50 employees in India, company registered office is in Bengaluru and spread in multiple support locations in India along with Sales office in Mumbai, Support office in Pune. The company is deeply influenced by its international counterparts regarding best-in-class engineering and precision. Companies global engineering and manufacturing headquarters is in Bonndorf, Germany and other subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, Poland, Austria, USA and Germany.

At the beginning was a spirit of brilliant innovation and visionary thinking − which still applies today. Innovation, creativity and specialist knowledge are the foundations of our company philosophy and of our success.

Hectronic first stretched out its feelers to India in the year 2000. The company relocated part of its software development in the country. But the specialists in petrol station and parking systems were not content to restrict their activities to the software sector as the Indian market harboured phenomenal potential for an international company such as Hectronic. After analysing the market and with a healthy portion of perseverance, the basis for the first participation in various requests for proposal was finally achieved. Admittedly this was not always easy and it required a great deal of persistence before the company notched up its success.

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