Reactore is an ISO accredited South African Technology company founded in 2013 with the vision of developing extensible software to truly digitalise mining systems and enhance the operational management of all mining activities.Reactore technology has been designed with miners to ensure flexible, easy to use solutions for effective optimisation of operations, reducing costs and mitigating risks. Reactore’s Mine-One has been implemented into mining operations since 2016 and is now being sold and supported from Reactore’s regional offices in South Africa, India and Australia with current expansion into Russia, Canada, South America in addition to a global alliance partner reseller network.

Using the success of the Mine-One platform, Reactore recently released the IIoT studio “Hybrid Flow” to assist companies to rapidly develop scalable, integrated solutions across any business domain. Reactore are continually developing and enhancing their solution platforms so clients can leverage the technology to optimise business performance and remain competitive in todays disrupted technology landscape.

T.S. MINING Brochure
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