THE ZAMEP INDUSTRIAL MECHANICAL COMPANY LLC was founded in 1994. We mainly design and manufacture centrifugal pumps, single and multi-stage pumps and pump units. Our pumps are distinguished by the highest possible efficiency with the best lifetime and minimal maintenance. The majority of pumps is selected according to the specified parameters of the Client, gladly supported by our engineering department. We have specialized machine park and modern foundry which allows to perform the entire production cycle in our factory. This allows us to monitor on a regular basis every stage of production, so we are able to achieve the highest quality and reliability of our pumps. Materials we use mainly for production are cast iron, cast steel, bronze, duplex, superduplex and any other specified by the customer. Our pumps are widely used in industry, such as: mines dewatering up to 1400m, desalination systems, water supply system, general industry, metallurgy, heat engineering, central air conditioning systems, power industry, hydro transport, boiler feeding, chemical industry, and other.

T.S. MINING Brochure
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